Sports Club Publicity

The following article on the West Coburg Sports Club was recently featured on the Moreland Council website:

Club doors open new possibilities

The West Coburg Sports Club

The Saturday morning routine of parents ferrying their sons and daughters to different sporting venues across the region is a thing of the past for families involved at the West Coburg Sports Club.

West Coburg Sports Club, based at Shore Reserve in Pascoe Vale, has become a shining example of the modern community sports club that has broadened its membership to include more women and girls playing traditional and non-traditional sports.

“What sets West Coburg apart is our strong junior program. We’re very encouraging of juniors.

Families can come here and enjoy a range of sports from football, cricket, little athletics, netball and softball,” says Geoff Law, West Coburg Sports Club Secretary.

Encouraging women participation in local sports clubs

Council allocates public grounds and reserves and has encouraged local clubs to be more inclusive of women and girls.

Read more about our Active Women and Girls Sports Strategy (DOC 4Mb) and Sports Club policies.

“Over the past 18 months we’ve been concentrating on developing sports for women with our netball and softball programs because that’s something that we feel is really lacking in the Moreland area,” says Mr Law.

Cr Oscar Yildiz, Mayor of Moreland said, “We’re an inner urban municipality so our parks and reserves are scarce and we need to support the clubs that are going to use them for the benefit of the wider community.

Figures have doubled

Since Moreland Council introduced the Allocation and Use of Sporting Facilities, Grounds and Pavilions Policy in 2009 the number of women and girls participating in local sport has almost doubled.

“The figures are encouraging and really demonstrate how good collaboration between clubs and Council can result in positive change.

“Clubs like West Coburg deserve the accolades for being leaders in this space and we are grateful for their cooperation,” added Mayor Yildiz.

Girls join the club’s softball team

One person who can personally attest to the thriving family culture found at West Coburg Sports Club is Mel Triulcio who started the Softball arm of the club last season.

“I started a softball team last season not expecting it to catch on as it has. I now have three teams including two junior teams, which is incredible after just one year.

“Having such a diverse and welcoming culture makes West Coburg such an asset to the people behind the scenes who volunteer and make it run,” added Ms Triulcio.